Health conscience carpet cleaning East Irvine

Carpet cleaning East Irvine services are known to be health conscience carpet cleaning service in Irvine. This is because the products we use for carpet cleaning are green carpet cleaning solutions. Many carpet cleaning companies in use synthetic solutions which may effect the environment. These solutions contain strong chemicals which react with air or leave residues behind. These residues remain inside the carpet surface. Therefore, the cleaning solutions we use, consists of natural chemicals. They do not contain any synthetic element which may cause any bad effect to environment. The main reason for this caution is that the chemical residues create allergens and other harmful diseases.

Best upholstery cleaning in East Irvine

Among our cleaning services, upholstery cleaning services are the best in East Irvine. Upholstery cleaning is best does not mean that our other cleaning services are not very good. We say this because there is a lot of demand for upholstery cleaning in this area. People of East Irvine care about their valuable items like couches, sofas and other upholstery items. This is because they understand that not cleaning these items can create health risks for their loved ones.More demand of upholstery cleaning services is the main reason of preference by our professional crew. Therefore, for making the standards of upholstery cleaning more high, we use state of the art equipment along with best available cleaning products available in East Irvine. For all these reasons people of East Irvine trust our services because we guarantee complete health care for our customers. Furthermore, as we do not use any common carpet cleaning solution, we also do not use light equipment. We use best and powerful equipment available in East Irvine for cleaning. These equipment leave no residue behind while cleaning and give quick drying to carpets.

Additional dryer vent cleaning services in East Irvine

Dryer vent cleaning is very useful because it is very important part of our laundry. People usually do not pay proper attention towards dryer vents. This results in clogging inside the walls and openings of vents. Not cleaning dryer vents have resulted in fire incidents many times. So to avoid this dangerous risk, carpet cleaning Newport beach offers dryer vent cleaning services.Our dryer vent services in include complete and thorough cleaning with complete examination of dryer vent system. This allows our professionals to understand the situation of vent system before and after cleaning. Moreover, the thorough cleaning procedure in includes
  • Sanitizing
  • Drying
  • Washing and cleaning
  • Vacuuming
  • Application of anti rusting and antibacterial agents
  • Deodorizing
By this comprehensive package we take care all of your worries regarding your dryer vents. Most importantly, our priority is give best quality cleaning services to everyone in East Irvine. That is why we never compromise on any of our services.For further information on upholstery and dryer vent cleaning services in East Irvine, please contact Dr. Carpet Newport Beach.