Periodical Wood Floor Cleaning

We have noticed in that in most homes with wood floors the maintenance is not in existence. Many of you with hard wood floors at home could notice darker areas on the wood. Also, scratches, dents and worn out area on your wood floors. Wood floor cleaning would enhance the look of your floor and make it like new again. By getting a deep wood floor cleaning you will get the feel of a new and fresh floor for the fraction of the price of a new floor installation. It has a special added value for the customers who are looking to put their homes for sale.

What is our wood floor cleaning process?

Once your wood floors have experience some ware and tear, in order to renew them, a layer must come off. That means, we use our knowledge, experience and professional equipment to sand down a top layer of your wood floors in order to remove all scratches and dents. Of course, some deep scratches would not be able to be removed as it could risk too much of wood layer removal.Then, it is time to apply the wood refinishing method and products in order to restore the vibrant and shiny look of your wood floors as it was in day one after installation.

Wood floor cleaning and added value

In our field, we have noticed over the years that new floors and how renovation happens about once every 10 years. Many of you choose to install new floors, in many cases modern style floors. However, many customers choose to keep the original and classic look of their home by applying deep wood floor cleaning and refinishing. The good ol’ wood floors are never getting old and they always stay up to date. If you also want to restore the shine to your wood floor at home, contact Dr. Carpet Newport Beach for more details.Wood floor cleaning in Newport Beach is a high demand service as many homes have beautiful wood floors. Some floors are 50 and 60 years old. Keep the unique look of your floor and enhance it with our second to non wood floor cleaning service.