Carpet cleaning pet stains and odor removal

Our customers around Newport Beach have in most cases a pet at home. Whether it is a dog or a cat, pet accidents happens everywhere and all the time. Cats tend to throw up fur balls, while dogs mostly urinate and mark their territories. In addition, cats’ throw up is very potent, while a new puppy’s urine is also very potent. Therefore when you experience pet stains, you should schedule you next carpet cleaning service right away. Carpet cleaning pet stains will also help you with odor removal around the house.It only takes a few spots by your dog, that you may have not seen before, to cause sever odor in your home. You will come back home from work with the intent to rest. However, you will immediately sense the odor from your pet urine. In addition, you will have to locate and find the pet stain and then treat it. However, treating pet stains with over the counter products may only damage your carpet and make the situation worse.Therefore, contact Dr. Carpet Newport Beach for more information about our pet stains and odor removal carpet cleaning service.

Neglecting to treat pet stains

The urine or poop from your pets is not only disgusting, but it is also filled with bacteria. Moreover, the bacteria penetrates the carpet and sink down into the pad. Your typical pad is made of foam, which provides ideal conditions for the bacteria to grow. That is why with time you may notice the pet odor in your home is only getting worse.There are three ways to treat the pet stain and the bacteria.
  • Removing old pad and carpet and installing a new one
  • Apply bleach on the troubles areas (however, you will bleach your carpet)
  • Apply %100 pure form of enzyme to eliminate the bacteria and odors from your carpet
Dr. Carpet Newport Beach is offering top of the line solutions for your pet stains at home, We use the most fine form of enzyme that is powerful enough to make a difference in your home and clean the pet stains.For more information about our pet stains and odor removal carpet cleaning, please contact Dr. Carpet Newport Beach.