Can We Offer CoronaVirus Carpet Cleaning Service?

Many of our customers asked us in the past couple of weeks whether we can clean their home from coronavirus. Well, in order to properly answer that we are going to need a long article explaining the difference between EPA approved products and other products. In addition, we will have to explain the difference between cleaning and disinfecting etc. Therefore, we decided to summarize for you what you need to know in order to schedule the right service do perform the carpet cleaning in your home, and coronavirus cleaning for your home.

What You Get With Our Top Rated Carpet Cleaning Service.

For many years we have lead the industry with our famous pet stain remover carpet cleaning service in Orange County. Dr. Carpet Pet Stain Removal formula is a strong and able carpet cleaning product that dissolves the odor molecules. Therefore, in a more professional way we can call it an anti microbial carpet cleaning product. Our great product is based on Hydrogen Peroxide, therefore, it offers a very strong solution to tough infectious areas. In addition, many of the EPA approved products to fight coronavirus are also Hydrogen Peroxide based. Also, the EPA mentions there are products out here that can get the job done as well. Therefore, we can only assume that our very strong anti microbial carpet cleaner will disinfect your carpet as well.

More Than Coronavirus Carpet Cleaning Service.

Of course that your carpet is not the only thing that would need a good disinfecting session in your home. In addition, coronavirus upholstery cleaning and coronavirus mattress cleaning could also be a great idea in times like that.Nevertheless, on top of our regular carpet cleaning services we offer a professional coronavirus cleaning service in Orange County. We stocked EPA approved products and together with our top rated fogging machine we offer home and office cleaning from the coronavirus (COVID-19).For more information about our coronavirus carpet cleaning and home cleaning please contact, please contact Dr. Carpet Newport Beach.