Years of experience has made us the pet stains removal experts.

First, in order to address any issue, a thorough understanding is vital in order to find a successful solution. So, we would like to emphasize a few key point regarding pet stains removal.We can comfortably say that the majority of our carpet cleaning service calls have pet stains removal needs. So now, lets break down several pet stains that we find most common needed to be addressed.

Urine stains/pee stains

Urine stains are the most common stains to be found in most carpet cleaning jobs. A big factor that would determine the success of the job is the amount of urine in the carpet, how long it has been there, and whether it was attempted to be cleaned before.The best chance for an expert carpet cleaner to remove any stain, and especially pet stain is when he approaches the stain first. That means no previous attempts with DIY technicques because that mostly causes the stain to react and blocks it from being removed.

Poop Stains/Diarrhea

We mainly see this stains occuring in homes where older dogs are a part of the family. Also, in case your pet gets sick it could have diarrhea paths running across the carpet. In addition, some dogs eat grass when they get sick and that could cause a bright green stain on your carpet that is very difficult to remove.

Body Odor Pet Stain

In areas where you pet chooses to lay down and relax you would normally find a dark spot that strongly smell like a sweaty dog. Therefore, in order to remove it a strong apllication of anti bacterial agent would be needed.

What do we do in order to successfully clean pet stains off your carpet?

Dr. Carpet has its own natural formula that is based on 100% pure enzymatus agent. The enzyme is a live bacteria that kills organic bacteria by touch. In addition, the enzyme has no bleach agents in it and therefore would not dye your carpet.Our anti bacterial formula has performed tramendously over the years with thousands of happy and satisfied customers around Orange County.For more information about our pet stains removal solutions please contact Dr. Carpet Newport Beach