We Are Experts At Removing Pet Stains From A Wool Rug

This story has occured on a sunny day just before the spring arrives to Newport Beach, California. At approximately 1:30pm we get a call from a customer that is stressed about her beautiful wool rug. Moreover, the customer continues to describe exactly what happened and gives us a very good idea at what type of pet stain we are looking at. Due to the wool rug being made of natural fiber, we told the customer to avoid attempting the cleaning herself and wait for us. We are experts at removing pet stains from a wool rug. In addition, we understand that in cases like that time is of the essence. Therefore, we rushed over and arrived in roughly one hour to the customer’s home.First thing we had done was to treat the troubled areas with our special anti bacterial formula. By doing so we allow it to sink into the rug and start working on the dog poop. Moreover, we immediately removed all the furniture off the rug so we can give it a complete clean. The wool rug was extremely dirty and was not vacuumed for a long time.

Thorough Process Of Removing Pet Stains From A Wool Rug

When dealing with a thick rug made out of natural fiber, many factors come into play. First, the thickness of the rug demands products that are able to penetrate deep into the rug. However, the natural fiber poses limitations on the PH level of the products we are allowed to use on the rug. Therefore, the ability to form a potent formula that would act in the best of way for the best rug cleaning results takes experience. And experience is what we got to offer you. Therefore, the results of our area rug cleaning are second to none.For same day rug cleaning service in Newport Beach, California, please contact Dr. Carpet Newport Beach.