Dr. Carpet is proud to offer same day carpet cleaning in Newport Beach.

We have the ability to cover your same day carpet cleaning in Newport Beach needs. if you need an immediate assistance, then please contact Dr. Carpet Newport Beach now for support. Moreover, we will take this opportunity to get a bit more in detail about our infamous same day carpet cleaning in Newport Beach.There are many reason behind your immediate need for a carpet cleaning service in Newport Beach. Mostly it could be divided into a few different origins. First, an emergency water damage or flood in your home. Although, floods and water damage scenarios are not frequent, is some Newport Beach homes pipes do erupt and cause some damage. Exactly for that reason we are here.same day carpet cleaning newport beach

Same Day carpet cleaning in Newport Beach due to pet stain accidents.

These must be the most frequent calls we get for immediate carpet cleaning service. Many of you have pets in the house, and in some cases puppies. Well, puppies and older pets have harder time to control their needs. Therefore, you could experience pet stain accidents on your carpet out of nowhere. We can understand what it feels like to come back home from a long day at work to realize your home smells like urinals. We strongly advice to not attempt to do the carpet cleaning yourself. You will most likely drown the stain in soap and block it for an expert, so it won’t be able to be removed. For pet stains we carry a special formula called an enzyme. It is a powerful anti bacterial that will eliminate 99.9% of the germs and kill the bad odor in your home. Ask us about it, its a wonderful product.

Same day carpet cleaning in Newport Beach for a last minute party.

Newport Beach, CA, is known for its night life. Either you are enjoying the bar hopping or hosting a house party at your home, parties are always happening. When you are hosting a party at home, one of two could happen. First, your home is not clean enough to host the party. Number two, your home looks like it has been through a war the day after. Therefore, an immediate carpet cleaning service in Newport Beach is a great added value to your social life. Please contact us for more information and booking your same day carpet cleaning in Newport Beach.

Same day upholstery cleaning in Newport Beach.

In a similar way to the same day carpet cleaning needs in Newport Beach, you may find some furniture in a need as well. Our same day upholstery cleaning in Newport Beach is also a service at high demand. Between the food and drink spills you can get on your couch, in some student parties we have seen much worse. People could get drunk and leave some fluids full of bacteria to contaminate your couch. Therefore, please keep us in mind for your upholstery cleaning needs. We will come immediately and disinfect all the troubled areas.

We do not cut corners on our same day carpet cleaning service.

It is important for us to note that we do not cut corners on any job. Dr. Carpet is among the most reputable carpet cleaning services in Orange County. We use biodegradable carpet cleaning products for your safety, while taking the full process of carpet cleaning each time. Over the years we have grown our techs and team members in order to give you the highest rated carpet cleaning service within the shortest amount of time. Our same day carpet cleaning in Newport Beach and Orange County has won many awards over the years. Satisfying our customers is and always have been our number one priority. In addition, we always offer seasonal carpet cleaning coupons so you can save money.You can also visit our local carpet cleaning service in Newport Coast for local assistance.