Best Travertine Tile Floor Cleaning.

Travertine floors are beautiful. The natural rock looking tiles are a great way to enhance the look of a tiled floor. However, travertine floor has a porous nature. That means that there are very small gaps in the rock, and these gaps absorb any liquid that sits on the travertine long enough. Over time, after you wash the travertine floor over and over, it tends to lose shine and become a bit dirty due to the porous nature. Therefore, regular tile and grout cleaning using steam is not enough to restore the original beautiful look of the travertine floor. So, the best travertine tile floor cleaning solutions would be a complete restoration. This process invloves several stages that will ultimately restore the original shine to the travertine tiles.The travertine tile floor cleaning process demands a complete removal and sanding down of the top layer of the travertine tile floor.

Complete Process of Travertine Tile Floor Cleaning.

Travertine tiles are considered natural stone, and natural stones have a specific wat to clean and restore them. On one hand it is more expensive to do, however, the results are second to non.

Sanding Down The Travertine Tile Floor.

Travertine, being a natural stone, is able to shed a top layer and keep its stirdy abd beautiful look. Therefore, the first part of travertine floor cleaning and restoration is sanding down the top layer of the travertine. The reason for sanding it down is due to the dirt the got absorbed into the tavertine floor. By sanding it down we can reach a new layer of the travertine that is comletely clean.

Polishing The Travertine Tile Floor.

The next step in the travertine tile floor cleaning is polishing the new layer the got uncovered. Once the trevartine tile has a raw layer it needs to be polished with a gentel brush.

Sealing The Travertine Tile Floor Cleaning.

Once the travertine tile floor is cleaned and polished, it is time to seal it. Travertine floor cleaning is fully completed once the newly polished travertine floor is sealed as well.For more information about travertine floor tile cleaning, please contact Dr. Carpet Newport Beach.